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Financial Planning

We believe in stewarding our resources well. We work with many families to plan out all of their finances from legacy planning, insurance coverage evaluation, tax strategies, income planning (including Social Security Strategies) and gifting strategies.

Tax Strategies

We believe we must “render…unto Caesar the things which be Caesar’s”, but not more. The money you have worked hard for and been blessed with should be used for you, your family, and those you feel guided to help. We will work with you to maximize the amount you get to keep for those purposes.

Debt Counseling

Many think of debt counseling as being only needed if you are drowning in debt. We believe it is important to manage all of your debt. This is especially true with those debts which can lord over you, like student loans or credit card debt (Proverbs 22:7). We work with our clients to not only get out from under their debt but take control of their cash flow.

Active Investment Management

The industry is manipulated by a few large trading models. Over the last several years, in particular, many asset allocation models, the “buy and hold” technique, have been tossed around based on what those big players are doing. We believe we have been blessed with resources to care for our families and to take care of others. We don’t believe in just putting it into investments and then praying nothing happens. We put it into investments that we watch using technical analysis and a rules-based approach. That means we watch what the big guys are doing and will adjust our investments to either move to cash when risks are too high or invest in those areas the bigger players are interested in.

Social Security Strategies

We all know how social security started. Since that started as a simple program (for the government), it has ballooned into volumes of rules and stipulations. There are so many different aspects to who, how, and when social security should be taken that even many in the social security office can’t help you understand all of the rules. Since social security is often one of the largest contributors to retirement income it is critical to get it right. We have taken the time to understand the complex and ever-changing rules so you can maximize the amount you are able to get over your lifetime. We have taught many classes and worked with hundreds on maximizing their social security benefits.

Retirement Plan Advisory

Often your retirement plan through your employer is the largest asset you have to help fund your retirement income needs. When was the last time you had a thorough analysis run on your plan? Will it be enough to fund your retirement objectives? Do you know what you hold within the investment choices in your plan? We have found that often the risks being taken inside a retirement plan are higher than they need to be. We work closely with our clients to monitor and manage the investments chosen within their retirement plans. Our goal is to protect your assets and maximize the good you do with your funds in retirement.

Final Transitions Planning

We all know that we eventually return to that God who gave us life. You are also probably aware of the care needed towards the end of our life. Many have taken care of a parent. Some have had to care for a spouse during that final transition. What many don’t realize is the amount of financial preparation, cost, and coordination that needs to take place at the end of our lives. The reason many don’t realize the work needed is that it should be the last thing you should have to worry about during that final transition. We work with our clients to take that burden off them so they can focus on what really matters.

Insurance Coverage Evaluation

Even the best-laid plans can be completely undone by the unexpected. The scriptures are full of examples demonstrating the need to prepare. Making sure you have insurance to cover things like unexpected health care costs, loss of a loved one, job loss, etc., is critical. We work closely with our clients to make sure you have just the right amount of insurance to be prepared. There are too many stories of plans getting derailed due to a major unplanned expense.

Legacy Planning

You have been working hard the last few decades to create the type of convenience and comfort you now enjoy in your life. When you retire you will want to maintain that lifestyle. However, if you have money left over, what will happen to that financial legacy you want to leave to your children, grandchildren, and those most important to you? What about passing on more than just wealth? We work closely with our clients to structure what and how they will pass on their legacy to their heirs.

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